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Questions and Answers

Install questions and answers:

Q: What are NoteKeep's system requirements?

zip Windows 7, 8, or 10 with 2 GB RAM with the latest service pack and critical
    updates installed

zip 55 MB of free hard disk space (this number does not include the space
    required by users when creating notes and note libraries)

zip A Monitor Resolution of (or higher)1152 x 864

Q: Why can't I install NoteKeep on my machine?

A: It's possible that you are not installing using Administrative rights on your machine. To install NoteKeep using Administrative rights:

zip Right-click the NoteKeep install icon
zip Select "Run as administrator"

Q: Why do I see "Cannot log error..." pop-up messages when I attempt to run NoteKeep?

A: It is likely that you installed NoteKeep in a location where it requires Administrative rights to run in.
To set NoteKeep to run with Administrative rights:

zip Right-click the NoteKeep icon
zip Select "Properties"
zip Select the Compatibility tab
zip Check the "Run this program as an administrator" box
zip Click "OK"

Q: Why did I see a "Could not read previous state data file..." pop-up error the first time I ran NoteKeep?

A: This is normal. Upon startup, NoteKeep looks for a "user preferences" setting file, and since the preferences have not been previously set by the user, no file exists. This should only occur upon initial startup.

Usage questions and answers:

Q: Why doesn't my browser work?

A: The NoteKeep browser runs using Microsoft Internet Explorer® - related software components. If your browser is not working, you should first check to see that you have a live internet connection. After that, make sure you have your Internet Explorer® browser updated.

Q: Where are my notes kept?

Your notes are contained within a folder called "\NoteKeep\Notes". The location of this file is displayed to you during installation. If you did not record this path and wish to view your files, you should be able to use your computer's search function to locate the "NoteKeep\Notes" folder.

Q: What happens with my notes when I install an update or go from a trial to a purchased version?

A: Nothing should ever happen as long as you are using the installer. It is recommended, however, that you back up all your notes before doing any installs. It is our opinion that taking 1 minute to back up your information is a lot better than losing it due to some fluke operating system or user error.

Uninstall questions and answers:

Q: What happens to my notes if I uninstall NoteKeep?

A: Your notes (which are created in a folder titled "NoteKeepNotes") should remain intact - but there is no hard guarantee of this due to user or operating system errors. It is highly recommended that you back up all notes you wish to preserve before uninstalling NoteKeep.

Miscellaneous questions and answers:

Q: What happens if I change my email address?

A: We use your e-mail address (when needed) to restore your registration information and to help you with service-related issues. If you make an email address change, please contact us and let us know both your old and new address, and we'll update our records accordingly.

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