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Purchase Information

If you already have a NoteKeep trial installed:

You do not need to download another version of NoteKeep.  Simply use the activation key you purchased
when prompted by your trial version of NoteKeep.   Your software will then obtain a non-trial NoteKeep
license via internet connection.  Any notes you created during the trial period will be preserved.

If you do not have a NoteKeep trial installed:

You will need to perform a download and install:

zip     Internet access is required for initial activation (only).
z    Purchase, download, and save the purchased .zip file to a user-friendly location on your
z    Once the download has completed, unzip the file - you should see the following new file:
z    If you are able to, right-click the “setup.exe” file and run it as administrator. If not, double left-
           click "setup.exe" to launch it.
z    Follow the "Setup" instructions to install NoteKeep.

The first time you launch NoteKeep you will see a “Could not read previous state data file…” pop-up
notification.  This is normal and should only occur upon initial startup.

If you have any questions, the FAQ/User Guide page, the downloadable Quick Start Guide, or the
downloadable User Guide should be able to assist you. If these do not answer your question(s), feel
free to query us via the Contact page.

Refund Policy

A free 30 day “full feature” trial version is offered in lieu of any refund. This allows potential
customers to become familiar with the product free from financial risk. During your trial period you
are encouraged to use all the features of NoteKeep™ to evaluate whether it is a good fit for you or it isn’t.

Privacy Policy

Any personal information you provide to Notewares LLC when purchasing NoteKeep™ software will not be
supplied to a third party for any reason other than either:

z      Completing a purchase order (through Paypal)
z      Meeting demands from legal authorities

If you wish to view PayPal’s privacy policy, it may be found here: PayPal Privacy Policy .